Sperm Capacitation - Image

By: Katherine Koczwara
Published: 2019-09-23

The male body, followed by male reproductive organs from which the sperm originates, is depicted from top to bottom at the left. Under the male reproductive organs is a diagram of a single sperm. To the right of the sperm diagram, the physiological and morphological changes a sperm undergoes to fertilize an egg are depicted from left to right. Each change is associated with a light pink rectangle background. Each light pink rectangle corresponds to the location of the sperm within the female reproductive organs, which is depicted above it. In addition, a molecular view of each change is directly under each light pink rectangle. It is important to note the background color of the illustration. A blue to purple gradient depicts the two phases of sperm capacitation: sperm capacitation is in blue, and the acrosome reaction is in purple. It is still unclear where the two phases differentiate and thus a gradient is used as opposed to two distinct colors. The title location for each phase designates the approximate start of each phase.


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