Jane Eliot Sewell presented “Cesarean Section--A Brief History” in 1993 as a brochure in the National Library of Medicine’s exhibit on the history of cesarean sections, hereafter c-sections, in Bethesda, Maryland. A c-section is a surgical procedure that doctors use to deliver a fetus through an incision in a pregnant person’s abdomen. The National Library of Medicine’s exhibit included a collection of artwork and photographs that coincide with the historical account of the procedure, and the brochure presents that information in print form. Sewell describes the chronological advancements and evolution of the c-section as well as other medical technological improvements that helped increase surgical survival rates. The brochure and accompanying exhibit provide background and history of the procedure available to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, for whom it was published, and the general public. “Cesarean Section—A Brief History” provides a cohesive explanation of the chronological history and advancements of c-sections, a procedure that millions of people undergo to give birth each year.