Wilhelm Pfeffer published his book Osmotische Untersuchungen: Studien Zur Zellmechanik (Osmotic Investigations: Studies on Cell Mechanics) in 1877 during his time as a professor of botany at the University of Basel in Basel, Switzerland. Gordon R. Kepner and Eduard J. Stadelmann translated the book into English in 1985. Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann in Leipzig, Germany, published the original book in German in 1877 and Van Nostrand Reinhold Company in New York, New York, published the English version in 1985. The book focuses on the cell mechanics of osmotic processes to explain why high pressure exists in plant cells. The book also provides one of the earliest detailed descriptions of the Pfeffer Cell, a devise Pfeffer had created to model and study osmosis in plant cells. The model helped Pfeffer propose theories for how osmosis affected metabolism, growth, and development of plant cells.

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