In 2005, Ernest McCulloch and James Till published the article “Perspectives on the Properties of Stem Cells,” which discusses the various properties and future possibilities for the use of stem cells. Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can develop into several different cell types. In the article published in the journal Nature on 1 October 2005, the authors say they wrote the article to dispel misconceptions about what stem cells are, what they do, address some controversies surrounding stem cells, and discuss potential uses of stem cells. In the article, McCulloch and Till reveal how stem cell research has revolutionized cancer treatment as well as set the stage for future embryonic and adult stem cell research.

In 1964, authors James Till, Ernest McCulloch, and Louis Siminovitch, published A Stochastic Model of Stem Cell Proliferation, Based on The Growth of Spleen Colony-Forming Cells, which discussed possible mechanisms that control stem cell division. The authors wrote the article following their experiments with spleens of irradiated mice to demonstrate the existence of stem cells, had unknown properties. In their previous experiments, Till and McCulloch noticed that many similar-looking colonies of cells formed on the spleens of irradiated mice, but those colonies had a highly variable number of stem cells. They could not explain why some stem cells gave rise to many stem cells while others only gave rise to a few. In the article, the authors propose an explanation for how stem cells divide and renew, and provide both a greater understanding as to how cancerous tissues may arise due to unchecked stem cell division as well how stem cells can aid in cancer therapy.