Thesis: Reproduction in Science Fiction

Thesis: Reproduction in Science Fiction

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Grace Dayoung Kim defended her thesis titled “Reproduction in Science Fiction” in 2016 in front of committee members Jane Maienschein, James Hurlbut, and Karin Ellison earning her a Bachelor’s degree from Barrett, The Honors College.


Science fiction works can reflect the relationship between science and society by telling stories that are set in the future of ethical implications or social consequences of scientific advancements. This thesis investigates how the concept of reproduction is depicted in popular science fiction works.

I reviewed and analyzed four popular science fiction works that all show fear over the government controlling our choices in reproductive technology. The analysis of my thesis can be used as a way to understand how we view the ideas and the consequences of reproductive technology through concepts of reproduction. These perspectives and ideas are a reflection of society’s concerns as we discuss the future of the ethics and politics of reproductive technology and reproductive issues.

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