Science and Society

Science often has impacts on society, and society impacts science. Many of the impacts are immediate, while others are much longer-term. Governments and local institutions or communities can regulate what kinds of research get done, what organisms are used, and the disposal of materials that have potential for negatively impacting the environment of public health. At other times, ethical discussions and religious views shape thinking about the science. The Encyclopedia includes articles that look at many aspects of this interaction. You can use the search functions to browse or to search for items related to Science and Society, including:

  • Outreach takes scientific ideas and their social interpretations to the broader public, outside the scientific community. The Encyclopedia includes articles about films and images that have had an impact within the larger public.
  • Legal decisions shape how embryos are treated. The Encyclopedia includes articles on individual legal cases relating to embryos, showing that typically embryos are treated as property with contractual agreements about their use. We also offer articles that interpret the meaning and impacts of the cases individually and collectively.
  • Ethics has become part of science, as scientists and the public think about what is ethical. The Encyclopedia welcomes articles on thinking from what is often called bioethics or might be better called bioscience ethics, considering ethical issues and positions related to embryos and development at all stages.
  • Religion also impacts our understanding of embryos. The Encyclopedia includes articles about the views from different religions, including what embryos are thought to be and whether the religion raises particular issues about embryos and how we treat them.