People and Places

Science does not happen in a vacuum or on its own, obviously. It takes people to carry out the research, organizations to professionalize the work, and places for the work to be done. You can use the search functions to browse or to search for items related to the People and Places, including:

  • Organizations include organized laboratories like the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts or the Naples Zoological Station. Such labs provide special opportunities for doing science in new ways. Other organizations include professional societies such as the Society for Developmental Biology, or journals such as Developmental Biology or the Journal of Experimental Zoology.
  • People do the work of science and discovery. The Encyclopedia includes biographies that give an overview of the person’s contributions and life. We also have a large number of photographs, especially from particular time periods. Exhibits such as the Women in Biology collection show clusters of people.
  • Places tell us about the location, since all work is done by particular people at a particular time and in a particular place. This might be Woods Hole or Chicago or anywhere.