Pfeffer Cell Apparatus

Pfeffer Cell Apparatus

The Pfeffer Zelle (Pfeffer Cell Apparatus), invented by Wilhelm Pfeffer in 1877, measured the minimum pressure needed to prevent a pure solvent from passing into a solution across a semi-permeable membrane, called osmotic pressure. The apparatus provided Pfeffer with a way to quantitatively measure osmotic pressure. Pfeffer devised the apparatus in the 1870s at the

Osmotic Investigations: Studies on Cell Mechanics (1877), by Wilhelm Pfeffer

Osmotic Investigations: Studies on Cell Mechanics (1877), by <a href="/search?text=Wilhelm%20Pfeffer" title="" class="lexicon-term">Wilhelm Pfeffer</a>

Wilhelm Pfeffer published his book Osmotische Untersuchungen: Studien Zur Zellmechanik (Osmotic Investigations: Studies on Cell Mechanics) in 1877 during his time as a professor of botany at the University of Basel in Basel, Swi

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