Germ Cells

The Germ-Plasm: a Theory of Heredity (1893), by August Weismann

The Germ-Plasm: a Theory of <a href="/search?text=Heredity" title="" class="lexicon-term">Heredity</a> (1893), by <a href="/search?text=August%20Weismann" title="" class="lexicon-term">August Weismann</a>

Friedrich Leopold August Weismann published Das Keimplasma: eine Theorie der Vererbung (The Germ-Plasm: a Theory of Heredity, hereafter The Germ-Plasm) while

Apoptosis in Embryonic Development

Apoptosis in Embryonic Development

Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, is a mechanism in embryonic development that occurs naturally in organisms. Apoptosis is a different process from cell necrosis, which is uncontrolled cell death usually after infection or specific trauma. As cells rapidly proliferate during development, some of them undergo apoptosis, which is necessary for many stages in

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