The Sex Side of Life (1919) by Mary Ware Dennett

The Sex Side of Life (1919) by Mary Ware Dennett

Mary Ware Dennett, an activist in the US for birth control and sex education in the early twentieth century, wrote an educational pamphlet in 1915 called The Sex Side of Life, and it was published in 1919. The pamphlet defined the functions of the sex organs, emphasized the role of love and pleasure in sex, and described other sexual processes of the body not usually discussed openly. In the early twentieth

40 Weeks (2014)

40 Weeks (2014)

In 2014, Big Belli, a media and social networking brand, released a documentary called 40 Weeks online. The documentary, directed by Christopher Henze, follows multiple women during their pregnancies. The film predominantly features three women, though it includes the stories of many. Throughout the film, women detail their accounts of physical and emotional changes that occurred during their pregnancies.

A Child Is Born (1965), by Lennart Nilsson

A Child Is Born (1965), by <a href="/search?text=Lennart%20Nilsson" title="" class="lexicon-term">Lennart Nilsson</a>

Dell Publishing in New York City, New York, published Lennart Nilsson's A Child Is Born in 1966. The book was a translation of the Swedish version called Ett barn blir till, published in 1965. It sold over a million copies in its first edition, and has translations in twelve languages.

Davis v. Davis (1992)

<a href="/search?text=Davis%20v.%20Davis%20%281992%29" title="" class="lexicon-term">Davis v. Davis (1992)</a>

In Davis v. Davis (1992), the Supreme Court of Tennessee decided a dispute over cryopreserved preembryos in favor of Junior Lewis Davis, who sought to have the preembryos destroyed over the objections of his former wife, Mary Sue Davis. The decision in Davis, although not binding in other states, suggested a framework for resolving similar disputes in the US.

York v. Jones (1989)

<a href="/search?text=York%20v.%20Jones%20%281989%29" title="" class="lexicon-term">York v. Jones (1989)</a>

In the case York v. Jones (1989), the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia was one of the first US courts to address a dispute about a cryopreserved preembryo.

The Dalkon Shield

The Dalkon Shield

The Dalkon Shield was an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) that women used in the early 1970s and 1980s. Produced by the A.H. Robins Company in the US, the Dalkon Shield was a contraceptive device placed directly into a woman’s uterus that was supposed to prevent pregnancy. In the 1980s,


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