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Ricardo Hector Asch (1947- )

Ricardo Hector Asch (1947- )

Ricardo Hector Asch was born 26 October 1947 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a lawyer and French professor, Bertha, and a doctor and professor of surgery, Miguel. Asch’s family middle-class family lived among the largest Jewish community in Latin America, where a majority of males were professionals. After his graduation from National College No.

Assisted Human Reproduction Canada (AHRC)

<a href="/search?text=Assisted%20Human%20Reproduction%20Canada" title="" class="lexicon-term">Assisted Human Reproduction Canada</a> (AHRC)

Established under the Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) Act of 2004, Assisted Human Reproduction Canada (AHRC), also known as the Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada, was created in 2006 to oversee research related to reproductive technologies and to protect the

Sergio Cereceda Stone (1942- )

Sergio Cereceda Stone

Sergio Cereceda Stone was born 16 April 1942 in the coastal city of Valparaiso, Chile. Stone’s mother Luz was a housewife and caretaker for Sergio and his younger brother Lionel; his father Sergio served among the country’s twenty appellate court judges. In the early 1950s Stone’s father relocated the family to Santiago to further his law career. There Stone attended the Jesuit elementary and high school Collegio San Ignatius, finished in the top ten percent of his class, and met

José Pedro Balmaceda (1948- )

José Pedro <a href="/search?text=Balmaceda" title="" class="lexicon-term">Balmaceda</a> (1948- )

José Pedro Balmaceda was born 22 August 1948 in Santiago, Chile. His mother Juanita owned a women’s boutique in the city and his father José was a successful owner of several timber mills. He grew up with five sisters who remained in Santiago all their lives.

Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)

<a href="/search?text=Gamete%20Intra-Fallopian%20Transfer" title="" class="lexicon-term">Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer</a> (GIFT)

Various techniques constitute assisted reproduction, one of which is gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT). The first example of GIFT involved primates during the 1970s, however, the technology was unsuccessful until 1984 when an effective GIFT method was invented by Ricardo Asch at the


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