Use Our Tools

Cera Lawrence The Embryo Project Encyclopedia is Open Access (OA), so its contents are freely available and it uses mostly freely available tools. We’ve benefited from the generosity of others, and we return that generosity. Below you’ll find links for the tools we have made so far to make the Embryo Project and its Encyclopedia possible. Please use them for your own projects.


  • Digital HPS Consortium ( For those pursuing digital projects in the history and philosophy of science, they can look to the Digital History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Consortium for an academic community and help.
  • DSpace Intuitional Repository ( Digital infrastructure in which to archive published items and assign them permanent URLs or handles. DSpace is free, open source and customizable software with a large support community.
  • HPS Repository ( The specific DSpace repository used by the Embryo Project and by related projects.
  • Dublin Core Metadata Initiative ( Standards for writing metadata for the items stored in digital repositories.
  • Metadata Handbook ( Dublin Core can boggle new users. The EP helped develop a short user's manual with which to train people to understand and use Dublin Core vocabularies.
  • Drupal content management system ( While articles are published to the repository, the Encyclopedia is visible on a Drupal website that draws and displays material from the repository. Drupal is free and open source software used by many universities for websites and content management.
  • International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) ( Digital publications help establish their credibility when assigned ISSNs. To get an ISSN, follow the manuals and application instructions at the ISSN website.
  • DigIn Group ( At an earlier stage, the EP used a program called Vogon developed especially for the EP. Since then, the EP's software developers have founded the DigIn Group, which has developed many apps useful to those studying the history and philosophy of science.

Embryo Project Specific:

The Embryo Project developed many handbooks, protocols, and tutorials to enable its encyclopedia to persist and thrive. Below are two key documents. Please contact us if you're interested to build a program like the EP, and would like newer versions of the documents below, or if you'd like protocols and tutorials related to article editing, data management, finding stable OA historical documents, publishing, etc.

  • The EP Encyclopedia handbook and house style guide ( This handbook advises authors on how to structure encyclopedia articles, and it specifies style in relation to the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • The EP Social Media Handbook for academics ( Social media can often pose confusing venues for academics, especially as they they require significant time commitments to be effective. The EP distilled some best practices into a social media handbook.