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What You Can Find

You can find many different things on this site, all of them relevant to the sciences of developmental biology and reproductive biology.

First, you can find encyclopedia articles that describe and explain everything from the people and experiments that made those sciences, to the laws and social contexts that shaped them, and were in turn shaped by them.

Second, you can find original graphics produced by our scientific illustrators.

Third, you can find historical pictures, some of their original lectures, or images of their slides.

Fourth, there are Embryo Project Essays. Compared to encyclopedia articles, Embryo Project essays are more scholarly contributions, written by professional scholars, and they often provide arguments in ways that the regular encyclopedia articles don't. Those essays represent the views of their authors and not necessarily of the Embryo Project editors.


There are three ways to browse. The first two involve the menu bar at the top of all pages.

First, you can Browse by Topic to find content from different topical or subject categories. RHAZ contains information specific to Arizona. Science contains items about scientific processes, experiments, theories, and publications. People and Places includes content about individuals, organizations, and places. Medicine collects content about medical processes and disorders. Finally, Science and Society contains information about religious, societal, and ethical contexts. Many items are in multiple categories.

Second, you can browse the encyclopedia using the Browse by Format menu, which divides the content into types of media. Text has subcategories for encyclopedia articles, EP Essays, and historical documents. Images contains our original graphics and historical photographs. Multimedia includes audio and video content.

Third, in any article, you can click on any highlighted term to pull up articles with similar content.


Search the Embryo Project Encyclopedia by finding the search bar in the top right corner of every page, typing in your search terms, and clicking the 'Search' button. The search will return all items containing all of the words you enter in the search box. If you place quotation marks around a phrase you enter in the search box, the search will return items containing only that exact phrase.

Your results will be presented in a list ranked by relevancy. Along the right-hand side of the screen are check-boxes that allow you to filter the search results by subject or by type of object.


Interact with the Embryo Project using social media. Follow the project on Facebook, on Twitter, or with our RSS feeds to receive news about people who contribute to the project, improvements to the project, and new items in the encyclopedia. If you see an item in the encyclopedia that you like, please share it using the social media buttons at the top of every page.

See an Error?

With so much going on, sometimes we miss an error or a typo slips through. Please tell us if you see one, using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the every page. If you see an error, tell us how to fix it and provide a source we can check to make sure your suggestion is correct. For instance, if we publish in Jacques Loeb's biography that he was born in 1869, but you know he was born in 1859, tell us on what webpage we put the error, the location of the error on that page, what the correct year is, and to check Philip Pauly's book Controlling Life to see that you're right.