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Ian Hector Frazer (1953– )

By: Alexis Darby | Published: Sep 02, 2020

Ian Hector Frazer studied the human immune system and vaccines in Brisbane, Australia, and helped invent and patent the scientific process and…

PeopleHIV infectionsHIV-positive personsHIV (Viruses)Vaccines industry

“Survival of Mouse Embryos Frozen to -196 ° and -269 °C” (1972), by David Whittingham, Stanley Leibo, and Peter Mazur

By: Risa Aria Schnebly | Published: Oct 01, 2020

In 1972, David Whittingham, Stanley Leibo, and Peter Mazur published the paper, “Survival of Mouse Embryos Frozen to -196 ° and -269 °C,” hereafter…

LiteratureCultures (Biology)--CryopreservationCells--CryopreservationMolecular weightsCryobiology

“Effect of Air Quality on Assisted Human Reproduction” (2010), by Richard Legro, Mark V. Sauer, Gilbert L. Mottla, Kevin S. Richter, Xian Li, William C. Dodson, and Duanping Liao

By: Ajeet Bains | Published: May 05, 2021

In the early 2000s, Richard S. Legro, Mark V. Sauer, Gilbert L. Mottla, Kevin S. Richter, William C. Dodson, and Duanping Liao studied the…

In vitro fertilizationFertilization in VitroIndoor air pollutionPollutionUrban pollution


By: Molly Jacobson | Published: Oct 13, 2022

The NuvaRing is a self-administered hormonal contraceptive device in the form of a flexible plastic ring that is inserted into the vagina. It…

TechnologyContraceptivesContraceptives, VaginalContraceptives industryContraceptive drugs

Ian Donald (1910–1987)

By: Nicole Erjavic | Published: Jan 30, 2018

Ian Donald was an obstetrician who developed the technology and therapy of ultrasound diagnostics during the twentieth century in Europe. Ultrasound…

ObstetricsGynecologyRespiratory therapy for newborn infantsFetal MedicineRespiratory Distress Syndrome

Cornelia Isabella Bargmann (1961- )

By: Dasia Garcia | Published: Jun 19, 2017

Cornelia Isabella Bargmann studied the relationship between genes, neural circuits, and behavior in the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans…

Drosophila melanogasterNeural circuitryNeurobiologyHER-2 geneHER-2 protein

David Edwin Wildt (1950- )

By: Caroline Appleton | Published: Jul 24, 2014

David Edwin Wildt developed and applied assisted reproductive technologies to conserve rare and endangered wildlife species in the US during the…

CheetahFertilization in VitroEmbryo transplantationReproductive technologyEndangered Species

Robert Lanza (1956- )

By: Christopher Rojas | Published: Feb 11, 2015

During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Robert Paul Lanza studied embryonic stem cells, tissues, and endangered species as chief scientific…

Advanced Cell Technology (Firm)BantengCloningEmbryosEmbryonic Stem Cells

Dizhou Tong (1902-1979)

By: Yawen Zou | Published: Feb 18, 2014

Dizhou Tong, also called Ti Chou Tung, studied marine animals and helped introduce and organize experimental embryology in China during the twentieth…

Marine BiologyCell nuclei--TransplantationEmbryology, ExperimentalDevelopmental BiologyEmbryos

Arthur William Galston (1920–2008)

By: Cecilia Chou | Published: Apr 27, 2017

Arthur W. Galston studied plant hormones in the United States during the late-twentieth century. His dissertation on the flowering process of soybean…

Agent OrangeSoybeanTetrachlorodibenzodioxinHerbicidesDefoliants

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