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The First Successful Cloning of a Gaur (2000), by Advanced Cell Technology - Image

By: Katherine Koczwara | Published: Jun 11, 2019

The first successful cloning of a gaur in 2000 by Advanced Cell Technology involved the cells of two animals: an egg cell from a domestic cow and a


Fetal Surgery

By: Kathleen O'Connor, Erica O'Neil | Published: Nov 01, 2012

Fetal surgeries are a range of medical interventions performed in utero on the developing fetus of a pregnant woman to treat a number of congenital…

Fetus--SurgeryFetoscopyUltrasonics in obstetricsPregnancyEndoscopy

Alexandre Lion’s Incubator Charities in Europe (1894–1898)

By: Kelsey Rebovich | Published: Mar 14, 2017

Alexandre Lion established incubator charities in the late 1890s in France to promote his infant incubator. Lion’s infant incubators kept premature…

OrganizationIncubatorsPremature InfantsPerinatologyIncubators, Infant

“Fetal Surgery” (1996), by Michael R. Harrison

By: Brianna Ellis | Published: Jul 28, 2021

In 1996, Michael R. Harrison published “Fetal Surgery” in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In the article, Harrison describes the…

LiteratureFetus--SurgeryObstetrics--SurgeryFetus--Abnormalities--TreatmentFetal heart--Abnormalities--Diagnosis

"A molecular wound response program associated with regeneration initiation in planarians" (2012), by Danielle Wenemoser et al.

By: Joe Brinkman | Published: May 09, 2017

In 2012, a team of scientists across the US conducted an experiment to find the mechanism that allowed a group of flatworms, planarians, to…

Regeneration (Biology)GeneticsPlanariansGenesWound Healing

George W. Beadle's One Gene-One Enzyme Hypothesis

By: Divyash Chhetri | Published: May 23, 2014

The one gene-one enzyme hypothesis, proposed by George Wells Beadle in the US in 1941, is the theory that each gene directly produces a single enzyme…

Beadle, George Wells, 1903-1989GeneticsGenetics, ExperimentalDrosophila melanogaster

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

By: Tian Zhu | Published: Jul 22, 2009

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are a collection of different techniques designed to help those who are infertile achieve a successful…

TechnologyReproductive Techniques, AssistedReproductionFertilization

Thesis: Reviving the Dead, Ignoring the Living: Emotions, Ethics, and the Dream of De-Extinction

By: Risa Aria Schnebly | Published: Nov 30, 2021

The goal of this research project was to examine how different messaging techniques, and especially expressions of emotionality surrounding the loss…

Extinction (Biology)Genetic EngineeringCommunication in scienceReproductive Healthconservation

Landrum Brewer Shettles (1909-2003)

By: Stephen C. Ruffenach | Published: Jul 22, 2009

Landrum Brewer Shettles is remembered as an important contributor to early in vitro fertilization research in the United States as well as a prolific…

PeopleFertilization in VitroReproductionBiographyFertilization

The Galton Society for the Study of the Origin and Evolution of Man (1918–1935)

By: Aliya R. Hoff | Published: Jun 03, 2021

Charles Benedict Davenport, Madison Grant, and Henry Fairfield Osborn founded the Galton Society for the Study of the Origin and Evolution of Man, or…

OrganizationEugenicsDavenport, Charles Benedict, 1866-1944Laughlin, Harry Hamilton, 1880-1943segregation

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