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“Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: Implications for Male Reproductive Function” (2007), by Ishola Agbaje, Deirdre Rogers, Carmel McVicar, Neil McClure, Albert Atkinson, Con Mallidis, and Sheena Lewis

By: Alison Lane | Published: Mar 17, 2021

In 2007, Ishola Agbaje, Deirdre Rogers, Carmel McVicar, Neil McClure, Albert Atkinson, Con Mallidis, and Sheena Lewis published “Insulin Dependent…

LiteratureDiabetesType 1 DiabetesInfertilityInfertility, Male

The Process of Implantation of Embryos in Primates

By: Justin M. Wolter | Published: Mar 21, 2013

Implantation is a process in which a developing embryo, moving as a blastocyst through a uterus, makes contact with the uterine wall and remains…

FetusPregnancyEmbryologyDevelopmental BiologyEmbryos

Eugenical Sterilization in the United States (1922), by Harry H. Laughlin

By: Rachel Gur-Arie | Published: Aug 12, 2015

Eugenical Sterilization in the United States is a 1922 book in which author Harry H. Laughlin argues for the necessity of compulsory sterilization in…

LiteratureEugenicsInvoluntary SterilizationHeredityEugenics Record Office

Roe v. Wade (1973)

By: Sharaden Seward, Claudia Nunez-Eddy | Published: Jul 03, 2018

In the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court ruled that laws banning abortion violated the US Constitution. The Texas abortion laws,…

LawBirth control clinicsAbortionFamily planning servicesAbortion--Law and legislation--United States

Paretta v. Medical Offices for Human Reproduction [Brief] (2003)

By: Brock Heathcotte | Published: May 09, 2008

The court decided a child of in vitro fertilization born with cystic fibrosis does not have the right to sue for wrongful life even in the presence…

LawFertilization in VitroReproductionFertilizationbioethics

Ernst Gräfenberg (1881–1957)

By: Baylee A. Edwards | Published: Nov 17, 2022

Ernst Gräfenberg was a physician and researcher who studied sexology, the study of human sexuality, in both Germany and the United States during the…

G spotFemale orgasmGynecologySexology--ResearchWorld War, 1914-1918

“A New Vision for Advancing Our Movement for Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights, and Reproductive Justice” (2005), by Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ)

By: Richa Venkatraman | Published: Nov 17, 2020

In 2005, the organization Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, or ACRJ, published “A New Vision for Advancing Our Movement for Reproductive…

LiteratureReproductive RightsReproductive Health ServicesReproductive HealthCommunication in reproductive health

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (1890- )

By: Rachel Gur-Arie | Published: Jun 21, 2014

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is a non-profit research institution that specializes in cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, quantitative…

OrganizationWatson, James D., 1928-EugenicsBacteriophagesBrenner, Sydney

John George Children (1777–1852)

By: Brittany Kaminsky | Published: Mar 25, 2018

John George Children described several species of insects and animals while working at the British Museum in London, England, in the eighteenth and…

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