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By: Mary E. Sunderland | Published: May 09, 2008

The term morphogenesis generally refers to the processes by which order is created in the developing organism. This order is achieved as…


Enovid: The First Hormonal Birth Control Pill

By: Aliya Buttar, Sheraden Seward | Published: Jan 20, 2009

Enovid was the first hormonal birth control pill. G. D. Searle and Company began marketing Enovid as a contraceptive in 1960. The technology was…

TechnologyContraceptionReproductionReproductive Rights

The Sex Education of Children: A Book for Parents (1931), by Mary Ware Dennett

By: Malladi Lakshmeeramya | Published: May 24, 2017

Mary Coffin Ware Dennett, a supporter of sex education for children in the US in the early twentieth century, wrote The Sex Education of Children: A…

LiteratureCommunication in reproductive healthSex EducationSex instruction for youthSex instruction--United States

Experiments on the Reproductive Costs of a Pure Capital Breeder, the Children’s Python (Antaresia childreni) (2013), by Olivier Lourdais, Sophie Lorioux, and Dale F. DeNardo

By: Brittany Kaminsky | Published: Jan 03, 2018

In 2013, Olivier Lourdais, Sophie Lorioux, and Dale DeNardo conducted a study on the impact of the reproductive effort on the muscle size and the…


Matthew Stanley Meselson (1930– )

By: Victoria Hernandez | Published: May 23, 2017

Matthew Stanley Meselson conducted DNA and RNA research in the US during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. He also influenced US policy…

Holmes, Frederic LawrenceMeselson, MatthewStahl, Franklin W.Watson, James D., 1928-Crick, Francis, 1916-2004

Ernest John Christopher Polge (1926-2006)

By: Bailey Renee | Published: Jan 30, 2018

Twentieth-century researcher Ernest John Christopher Polge studied the reproductive processes of livestock and determined a method to successfully…

Smith, Audrey U.Parkes, A. S. (Alan Sterling), 1900-1990National Institute for Medical Research (Great Britain)Medical Research Council (Great Britain)Glycerin

China's One-Child Policy

By: Lijing Jiang | Published: Mar 31, 2011

In September 1979, China's Fifth National People's Congress passed a policy that encouraged one-child families. Following this decision from the…


Action of MER-25 and of Clomiphene on the Human Ovary (1963)

By: Alexis J. Abboud, Alexis Darby | Published: Nov 28, 2017

Between 1958 and 1962, physicians Olive W. Smith, George V. Smith, and Robert W. Kistner performed experiments that demonstrated the effects of the…

EthamoxytriphetolEstrogen AntagonistsClomiphenePituitary glandovary

Victor Jollos

By: B. R. Erick Peirson | Published: Sep 16, 2014

Victor Jollos studied fruit flies and microorganisms in Europe and the US, and he introduced the concept of Dauermodifikationen in the early 1900s.…


The First Successful Cloning of a Gaur (2000), by Advanced Cell Technology

By: Caroline Appleton | Published: Jul 26, 2013

Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), a stem cell biotechnology company in Worcester, Massachusetts, showed the potential for cloning to contribute to…

Cell nuclei--TransplantationCloningGaurAdvanced Cell Technology (Firm)Embryos

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