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John von Neumann's Cellular Automata

By: | Published: Jun 14, 2010

Cellular automata (CA) are mathematical models used to simulate complex systems or processes. In several fields, including biology, physics, and…

Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957ModelsEvolution

“Effect of Air Quality on Assisted Human Reproduction” (2010), by Richard Legro, Mark V. Sauer, Gilbert L. Mottla, Kevin S. Richter, Xian Li, William C. Dodson, and Duanping Liao

By: Ajeet Bains | Published: May 05, 2021

In the early 2000s, Richard S. Legro, Mark V. Sauer, Gilbert L. Mottla, Kevin S. Richter, William C. Dodson, and Duanping Liao studied the…

In vitro fertilizationFertilization in VitroIndoor air pollutionPollutionUrban pollution

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research

By: Karen Love | Published: Jun 12, 2017

The San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research (SDZICR) in San Diego, California, is a research organization that works to generate, use, and…

OrganizationpreservationGeneticsEndangered SpeciesDNA

The Germ-Plasm: a Theory of Heredity (1893), by August Weismann

By: Yawen Zou | Published: Jan 26, 2015

Friedrich Leopold August Weismann published Das Keimplasma: eine Theorie der Vererbung (The Germ-Plasm: a Theory of Heredity, hereafter The Germ-…

LiteratureWeismann, August, 1834-1914. Keimplasma. EnglishGerm CellsHeredityInheritance of acquired characters

Kurt Benirschke (1924-)

By: Karen Love | Published: Apr 26, 2016

Kurt Benirschke studied cells, placentas, and endangered species in Germany and the US during the twentieth century. Benirschke was professor at the…

Developmental BiologyGeneticsEndangered SpeciesGene librariesEmbryology

Charles Darwin's Theory of Pangenesis

By: Yawen Zou | Published: Jul 20, 2014

In 1868 in England, Charles Darwin proposed his pangenesis theory to describe the units of inheritance between parents and offspring and the…

HeredityDarwin, Charles, 1809-1882ReproductionEvolutionNatural selection

Thesis: Reproduction in Science Fiction

By: Grace Dayoung Kim | Published: Feb 10, 2021

Science fiction works can reflect the relationship between science and society by telling stories that are set in the future of ethical implications…

Science FictionLiteratureScience in literaturePublicationsReproduction


By: Karine Prevot | Published: Jan 29, 2015

Bacteria of the genus Wolbachia are bacteria that live within the cells of their hosts. They infect a wide range of arthropods (insects, arachnids…

WolbachiaBacteriaHost-bacteria relationshipsHost-parasite relationshipsArthropods

The Sex Side of Life (1919) by Mary Ware Dennett

By: Malladi Lakshmeeramya | Published: May 27, 2017

Mary Ware Dennett, an activist in the US for birth control and sex education in the early twentieth century, wrote an educational pamphlet in 1915…

TechnologyGenerative organsSexually Transmitted DiseasesLaborMenstruation

Charles Knowlton (1800–1850)

By: Caroline Meek | Published: Oct 24, 2017

Charles Knowlton was a physician and author who advocated for increased access to information about reproduction in the nineteenth century in the US…

Knowlton, Charles, 1800-1850Bradlaugh, Charles, 1833-1891Besant, Annie, 1847-1933Birth ControlObscenity (Law)--Great Britain

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