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Dennis Lo (1963- )

By: Alexis Abboud | Published: Nov 04, 2014

Dennis Lo, also called Yuk Ming Dennis Lo, is a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, China. In 1997, Lo discovered fetal…

genetic testingHuman chromosome abnormalities--DiagnosisPrenatal DiagnosisAmniocentesisChorionic Villus Sampling

ABO Blood Type Identification and Forensic Science (1900-1960)

By: Corey Harbison | Published: Jun 02, 2016

The use of blood in forensic analysis is a method for identifying individuals suspected of committing some kinds of crimes. Paul Uhlenhuth and Karl…

Blood GroupsAntigen-Antibody ReactionsBiological specimens--IdentificationForensic sciencesBlood Cells

Gattaca (1997)

By: Grace Kim | Published: Feb 09, 2017

Gattaca is a 1997 science fiction film produced in the US that depicts a future society that uses reproductive technology and genetic engineering in…

LiteratureEugenicsGenetic EngineeringReproductive technologyBiotechnology

Nelson v. Planned Parenthood Center of Tucson (1973)

By: Claudia Nunez-Eddy | Published: Nov 13, 2016

The 1973 case Nelson v. Planned Parenthood Center of Tucson established the legality of abortion in Arizona. The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that…

LawPlanned Parenthood Federation of AmericaBirth control clinicsAbortionAbortion--Law and legislation

Bowen v. American Hospital Association (1986)

By: Jack Resnik | Published: Jan 01, 2012

The 1986 US Supreme Court decision Bowen v. American Hospital Association rejected the federal government's use of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation…

LawReproductionCongenital DisordersGovernment

"Hybrids and Chimeras: A report on the findings of the consultation" by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in October, 2007

By: Robert Jason S., Sarah Taddeo | Published: Nov 22, 2014

In 2007, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in London, UK, published Hybrids and Chimeras: A Report on the Findings of the Consultation…

LiteratureChimerismHuman reproductive technologyHuman CloningEmbryonic Stem Cells

“Pregnancy Established in an Infertile Patient After Transfer of a Donated Embryo Fertilized In Vitro” (1983), by Alan Trounson, John Leeton, Mandy Besanko, Carl Wood, and Angelo Conti

By: Whitney Alexandra Tuoti | Published: Apr 13, 2021

In 1983, researchers Alan Trounson, John Leeton, Carl Wood, Mandy Besanko, and Angelo Conti published the article “Pregnancy Established in an…

LiteratureFertilization in VitroIn vitro fertilizationEgg donorsTest-Tube Babies

Sheldon Clark Reed (1910-2003)

By: Cassidy Possehl | Published: Jun 10, 2017

Sheldon Clark Reed helped establish the profession of genetic counseling in the US during the twentieth century. In 1947 Reed coined the term genetic…

Genetic CounselingCystic FibrosisDrosophilaGeneticsHmong Americans

Jérôme Lejeune (1926−1994)

By: Maeen Arslan, Grace Fitzgerald | Published: Aug 19, 2021

Jérôme Lejeune was a French physician and researcher who studied genetics and developmental disorders. According to the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, in…

Down syndromeMongolismKaryotypeGenetic ScreeningGenetic Concepts

"The Role of Maternal Mitochondria during Oogenesis, Fertilization and Embryogenesis" (2002), by James M. Cummins

By: Dorothy R. Haskett | Published: Sep 19, 2014

James M Cummins published 'The Role of Maternal Mitochondria during Oogenesis, Fertilization and Embryogenesis' 30 January 2002 in Reproductive…

LiteratureMitochondriaEmbryologyFertilization (Biology)Ovum

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