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Vaginal Speculum (after 1800)

By: Rainey Horwitz | Published: Oct 31, 2019

A vaginal speculum is a medical device that allows physicians and health providers to better view a woman’s cervix and vagina during pelvic exams…

VaginaHysteriaGynecologySecond-wave feminismReproduction

David Wildt's Evolving Ethics Concerning the Roles of Wildlife Reproductive Sciences in Species Conservation

By: Caroline Appleton | Published: Aug 18, 2014

David Wildt is an animal reproductive biologist who directs the Conservation Biology Institute in Fort Royal, Virginia. In 1986, Wildt argued that…

ethicsFertilization in VitroEmbryo transplantationReproductive technologyEndangered Species

Mizuko Kuyo

By: Benjamin Garcia, Katherine Brind'Amour | Published: Oct 30, 2007

Mizuko Kuyo is a Japanese Buddhist ceremony that focuses on a deceased fetus or stillborn child. This ceremony was originally developed to honor Jizo…

Fetal propitiatory rites--BuddhismAbortionFetusStillbirthBuddhism

Pope Gregory XIV (1535-1591)

By: Angel Lopez | Published: Jun 22, 2010

Pope Gregory XIV, born Nicolo Sfondrati, reversed the bull of Pope Sixtus V, Effraenatum, under which an abortion at any time of gestation can be…


Edwin Grant Conklin (1863-1952)

By: D. Brian Scheurmann | Published: Jan 22, 2009

Edwin Grant Conklin was born in Waldo, Ohio, on 24 November 1863 to parents Nancy Maria Hull and Dr. Abram V. Conklin. Conklin's family was very…

PeopleCell LineageBiography

Thomas Joseph King Jr. (1921-2000)

By: Sean Cohmer | Published: Jan 01, 2012

Thomas Joseph King Jr. was a developmental biologist who, with fellow scientist Robert Briggs, pioneered a method of transplanting nuclei from…

PeopleNuclear Transfer TechniquesBiographyNuclear TransplantationCancer

Berman v. Allan (1979)

By: Mark Zhang | Published: Sep 29, 2011

The Supreme Court of New Jersey decided the case of Berman v. Allan on 26 June 1979, brought by Shirley Berman and Paul Berman and their daughter…

LawWrongful lifeReproductionbioethics

South Korea's Bioethics and Biosafety Act (2005)

By: Anne Safiya Clay | Published: Mar 15, 2013

The South Korean government passed the Bioethics and Biosafety Act, known henceforth as the Bioethics Act, in 2003 and it took effect in 2005. South…

LawbioethicsInformed consent (Medical law)Embryonic Stem CellsEmbryonic stem cells--Research--Law and legislation

St. Augustine (354-430)

By: Katherine Brind'Amour | Published: Nov 01, 2007

St. Augustine of Hippo, born Aurelius Augustinus to a respectable family in the year 354 CE, is now considered one of the foremost theologians in the…


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