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Walter Jakob Gehring (1939-2014)

By: Joe Brinkman | Published: Dec 22, 2014

Walter Jakob Gehring discovered the homeobox, a DNA segment found in a specific cluster of genes that determine the body plan of animals, plants, and…

Homeobox genesDrosophilaGeneticsGenesGenes, Homeobox

De ovi mammalium et hominis genesi (1827), by Karl Ernst von Baer

By: Federica Turriziani Colonna | Published: Feb 09, 2017

De ovi mammalium et hominis genesi (On the Genesis of the Ovum of Mammals and of Men) is an 1827 pamphlet by Karl Ernst von Baer about the anatomical…

LiteratureBaer, Karl Ernst von, 1792-1876developmentAnatomy, ComparativeGerm Cells

Process of Eukaryotic Embryonic Development

By: Inbar Maayan | Published: Oct 20, 2010

All sexually reproducing, multicellular diploid eukaryotes begin life as embryos. Understanding the stages of embryonic development is vital to…


"The Role of Maternal Mitochondria during Oogenesis, Fertilization and Embryogenesis" (2002), by James M. Cummins

By: Dorothy R. Haskett | Published: Sep 19, 2014

James M Cummins published 'The Role of Maternal Mitochondria during Oogenesis, Fertilization and Embryogenesis' 30 January 2002 in Reproductive…

LiteratureMitochondriaEmbryologyFertilization (Biology)Ovum

"The Inductive Capacity of Oral Mesenchyme and Its Role in Tooth Development" (1969-1970), by Edward J. Kollar and Grace R. Baird

By: Kate MacCord | Published: Mar 15, 2013

Between February 1969 and August 1970 Edward Kollar and Grace Baird, from the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, published three papers that…

teethEmbryosCell differentiationMesenchymeEpithelium

Sonja Vernes, et al.'s Experiments On the Gene Networks Affected by the Foxp2 Protein (2011)

By: Kat Fowler | Published: May 30, 2017

In 2011, Sonja Vernes and Simon Fisher performed a series of experiments to determine which developmental processes are controlled by the mouse…

Gene regulatory networksLanguageLanguage AcquisitionNeuronsMotor ability

"Cell Deaths in Normal Vertebrate Ontogeny" (1951), by Alfred Glücksmann

By: Lijing Jiang | Published: Dec 06, 2010

The review article “Cell Deaths in Normal Vertebrate Ontogeny” (abbreviated as “Cell Deaths”) was published in Biological Reviews of the Cambridge…

LiteratureCell DeathPublicationsVertebratesOntogeny

Possums (1952), by Carl G. Hartman

By: Gia Goodman, Karen Wellner | Published: Dec 02, 2013

Possums is a 174-page book consisting of a series of essays written about the Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana), the only living marsupial in…

LiteratureVirginia opossumEmbryologyMarsupialsNatural history

In the Womb (2005), by Toby Mcdonald and National Geographic Channel

By: Inbar Maayan | Published: Nov 20, 2010

Written, produced, and directed by Toby Mcdonald, the 2005 National Geographic Channel film In the Womb uses the most recent technology to provide an…

LiteratureHuman DevelopmentReproductionMoviesFetus

"Adenocarcinoma of the Vagina: Association of Maternal Stilbestrol Therapy with Tumor Appearance in Young Women" (1971), by Arthur L. Herbst, et al.

By: Alexis Abboud | Published: Apr 12, 2017

Published in 1971, Adenocarcinoma of the Vagina: Association of Maternal Stilbestrol Therapy with Tumor Appearance in Young Women, by Arthurs L.…


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