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Thomas Raphael Verny (1936– )

By: Carrie Keller | Published: Jul 31, 2019

During the twentieth century, Thomas Raphael Verny studied the way that environment affects a developing fetus’s character and psychological…

PeoplePrenatal CarePrenatal EducationPrenatal care--UtilizationFetal behavior

Sex-determining Region Y in Mammals

By: Troy Cox | Published: Dec 31, 2013

The Sex-determining Region Y (Sry in mammals but SRY in humans) is a gene found on Y chromosomes that leads to the development of male phenotypes,…

Y ChromosomeTestisEmbryosChromosomesSex Chromosomes

Ontogeny and Phylogeny (1977), by Stephen Jay Gould

By: M. Elizabeth Barnes | Published: Oct 21, 2014

Ontogeny and Phylogeny is a book published in 1977, in which the author Stephen J. Gould, who worked in the US, tells a history of the theory of…

LiteratureEvolutionOntogenyEmbryologyMeckel, J. F. (Johann Friedrich), 1781-1833

Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Central Nervous System Development

By: Erica O'Neil | Published: Sep 12, 2010

Prenatal exposure to alcohol (ethanol) results in a continuum of physical, neurological, behavioral, and learning defects collectively grouped under…

fetal alcohol syndromeReproductionHuman Development

An Atlas of Fertilization and Karyokinesis of the Ovum (1895), by Edmund Beecher Wilson

By: Kevin M. Gleason | Published: Apr 20, 2017

Edmund Beecher Wilson in the US published An Atlas of Fertilization and Karyokinesis of the Ovum (hereafter called An Atlas) in 1895. The book…

LiteratureKaryokinesisFertilization (Biology)ConceptionDevelopmental Biology

Beatrice Mintz (1922–2022)

By: Adam R. Navis | Published: Jan 21, 2009

Beatrice Mintz is a brilliant researcher who has developed techniques essential for many aspects of research on mouse development. She produced the…


"Programmed Cell Death-II. Endocrine Potentiation of the Breakdown of the Intersegmental Muscles of Silkmoths" (1964), by Richard A. Lockshin and Carroll M. Williams

By: Lijing Jiang | Published: Apr 27, 2011

Richard A. Lockshin's 1963 PhD dissertation on cell death in insect metamorphosis was conducted under the supervision of Harvard insect physiologist…


Experimental Studies on Germinal Localization (1904), by Edmund B. Wilson

By: James Lowe | Published: Dec 22, 2014

At the turn of the twentieth century, Edmund B. Wilson performed experiments to show where germinal matter was located in molluscs. At Columbia…

Wilson, Edmund B. (Edmund Beecher), 1856-1939EmbryosEmbryologyDevelopmental BiologyLarvae

"The Effects of Wing Bud Extirpation on the Development of the Central Nervous System in Chick Embryos" (1934), by Viktor Hamburger

By: Lijing Jiang | Published: Nov 22, 2010

German embryologist Viktor Hamburger came to the US in 1932 with a fellowship provided by the Rockefeller Foundation. Hamburger started his research…

LiteraturePublicationsExperimentsNervous SystemChicks

"Maternal Thyroid Deficiency During Pregnancy and Subsequent Neuropsychological Development of the Child" (1999), by James E. Haddow et al.

By: Jennifer R. Craer | Published: Jul 11, 2014

From 1987 to the late 1990s, James Haddow and his team of researchers at the Foundation for Blood Research in Scarborough, Maine, studied children…

HypothyroidismCongenital HypothyroidismThyroid HormonesThyroid GlandThyrotropin

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