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Marie Stopes International

By: Ellen M. DuPont | Published: Jul 22, 2008

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is a not-for-profit organization based in the United Kingdom that promotes reproductive and sexual health. It grew…

Organizationpublic healthOrganizationsReproductionReproductive Rights

“Family Limitations” (1914), by Margaret Higgins Sanger

By: Malladi Lakshmeeramya | Published: Jun 28, 2017

In 1914, Margaret Sanger published “Family Limitations,” a pamphlet describing six different types of contraceptive methods. At the time Sanger…

LiteratureBirth ControlSterilization (Birth control)Reproductive RightsFamily Planning

Forbes v. Napolitano (2000)

By: Claudia Nunez-Eddy | Published: Nov 13, 2016

Forbes v. Napolitano (2000) was a US court case that established that Arizona researchers could use fetal tissues from induced abortions for basic…

LawPlanned Parenthood Federation of AmericaFetal tissuesCellular therapyArizona

Evans v. People of the State of New York [Brief] (1872)

By: Brock Heathcotte | Published: Sep 12, 2010

Attempts by the New York legislature to make abortion a crime regardless of the stage of gestation were permanently frustrated because the court…


Mizuko Kuyo

By: Benjamin Garcia, Katherine Brind'Amour | Published: Oct 30, 2007

Mizuko Kuyo is a Japanese Buddhist ceremony that focuses on a deceased fetus or stillborn child. This ceremony was originally developed to honor Jizo…

Fetal propitiatory rites--BuddhismAbortionFetusStillbirthBuddhism

Humanae Vitae (1968), by Pope Paul VI

By: Katherine Brind'Amour, Benjamin Garcia | Published: Nov 13, 2007

The "Humanae Vitae," meaning "Of Human Life" and subtitled "On the Regulation of Birth," was an encyclical promulgated in Rome, Italy, on 25 July…

LiteratureReproductive RightsreligionReproductionCatholicism

Simat Corp v. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (2002)

By: Claudia Nunez-Eddy | Published: Nov 13, 2016

In the 2002 case Simat Corp v. Arizona Health Care Containment System, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the Arizona Health Care Containment…

LawMedicaidAbortion--Law and legislation--United StatesArizona--HistoryBirth control clinics

St. Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274)

By: Katherine Brind'Amour | Published: Nov 11, 2007

Widely known as a key contributor to the Roman Catholic Church's body of doctrine, St. Thomas Aquinas also published an opinion on the moral status…

religionCatholicismFetusHuman Development

Gordon Watkins Douglas (1921-2000)

By: Alexis Abboud | Published: Sep 15, 2014

Gordon Watkins Douglas researched cervical cancer, breach delivery, and treatment of high blood pressure during pregnancy in the US during the…

GynecologyDiagnosis, NoninvasiveEmbryologyAbortionAbortion services

Thesis: Non-Medical Origins of Reproductive Health Solutions in the US

By: Rainey Horwitz | Published: Feb 23, 2021

By demonstrating the struggle for sound standard of care for non-medical reproductive health care providers during the nineteenth and early twentieth…

Health care reformReproductive Health ServicesReproductive Healthreproductive historyOrganizations

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