Osmotic Investigations: Studies on Cell Mechanics (1877), by Wilhelm Pfeffer

Osmotic Investigations: Studies on Cell Mechanics (1877), by <a href="/search?text=Wilhelm%20Pfeffer" title="" class="lexicon-term">Wilhelm Pfeffer</a>

Wilhelm Pfeffer published his book Osmotische Untersuchungen: Studien Zur Zellmechanik (Osmotic Investigations: Studies on Cell Mechanics) in 1877 during his time as a professor of botany at the University of Basel in Basel, Swi

Pfeffer Cell Apparatus

Pfeffer Cell Apparatus

The Pfeffer Zelle (Pfeffer Cell Apparatus), invented by Wilhelm Pfeffer in 1877, measured the minimum pressure needed to prevent a pure solvent from passing into a solution across a semi-permeable membrane, called osmotic pressure. The apparatus provided Pfeffer with a way to quantitatively measure osmotic pressure. Pfeffer devised the apparatus in the 1870s at the

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