How to Use this Site

The Embryo Project Encyclopedia is the product of the Embryo Project, funded by the National Science Foundation and supported by the Marine Biological Laboratory and Arizona State University. The result is an online repository containing thousands of entries. There are three different kinds of entries. First, the "found objects" include such things as photographs, videos, microscope slides, lecture notes, and much more. We found these objects, collected them, curated them by adding information about what they are, adding metadata, and adding them to the repository. Second, the descriptive articles describe many different aspects of embryo research and the social context in which it has occurred over time. These articles are written mostly by individuals in the ASU Embryo Project seminar. The articles are reviewed, edited, marked up, and added to the repository. The third kind of entry is interpretive and includes narrative scholarly essays as well as exhibits to present the stories of the science and its contexts.

You can search by browsing or by linking to the different kinds of materials. Have fun.

Social Media

You can interact with the Embryo Project using social media. Follow the project on Facebook, on Twitter, or with our RSS feeds to receive news about people who contribute to the project, improvements to the project, and new items in the encyclopedia. If you see an item in the encyclopedia that you like, please share it using the social media buttons at the bottom of every page. And if you see an error, please use the contact us link at the bottom of each page to notify us so that we can correct it. Thanks.